Links do Dia: 19.05.08

There are over 200 million blogs online, thousands of review sites, sites specific to leaving feedback about companies, and thousands of forums on any topic imaginable. People can talk about whatever they want, pretty much wherever they want, and with so many people “conversing online,” a lot of that conversation is involving brands – their products, their services, and their business. Knowing how to ‘monitor’ the web is a very valuable asset (…)

Next year UK advertisers are expected to spend around £3.6bn on the internet, an amount that will outstrip the £3.4bn that is forecast to be spent on TV ads. Internet advertising has unquestionably reached a point of maturity where digital spending is not just about search advertising. “The internet is not one medium, its growth rate is a blend of three distinct businesses growing at different speeds: search, display and classified,” says Adam Smith, the futures director at WPP-owned media agency Group M.


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