Links do Dia: 23.05.08

There are hundreds, actually thousands, of people who understand marketing – and they don’t work for you. That is because today your customers know more about what works and what doesn’t than many practitioners. One main reason why – they learned from being on the receiving end of marketing messages, strategies, tactics, and all that comes with that for hours a day, days on end.

I am not a journalist. I am an entrepreneur who blogs. I blog on ReadWriteWeb because I don’t like talking to myself and there are some great conversations here. Being part of RWW means I get to be on the receiving end of PR processes such as news releases and embargoes, which to me is strange. I have spent way more time on the other side of the street, hiring PR firms when I have the budget and doing it myself when I don’t. This new perspective has lead me to some advice for companies about dealing with the press.


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