Links do dia: 06.06.08

I remember how Twitter sped into my consciousness. It was like a freight train with a big Web 2.0 emblazoned on the locomotive. Hanging out the windows of the carriages were the smiling avatars of my marketing and social media friends. All were smiling and waving, beckoning me to climb aboard. It seemed like a no-brainer … and, in fact, it was. There was very little thought process involved — I climbed aboard because all my friends were already there.

My vision for social media is a much broader, much bigger, more invasive media than we can even imagine today. With Gen-y growing up using this medium as their main medium, I only have to look at the boomer generation to see the hundreds of new industries that were created on the back of film and TV with this age group. Imagine what will happen as subsequent generations enter the social media space. New ideas, new businesses. There’s no doubt in my mind that social media will grow into something much grander than anything that is happening today.


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