Links do Dia: 13.06.08

People are incredibly sensitive to social stigmas. The most serious forms — aimed at a particular race, ethnicity, class, or sexual orientation — are pernicious and destructive. Others, less serious but more plentiful, govern our day-to-day behavior. Think of the way you quickly judge a person who sneezes on a crowded bus without covering up (…) Marketers deliberately construct stigmas for the sake of selling you a solution to the ensuing embarrassment and disgust. They smack you on the head so they can sell you an aspirin for the headache. Why do we put up with this?

Andrew Romano over at Newsweek wrote earlier this week that US presidential hopeful John McCain’s new blog, written by former Weekly Standard blogger Michael Goldfarb, is an entertaining read compared to Barack Obama’s corporate-like campaign blog. To Romano, this indicates that McCain is stuck in “insurgent mode.” “Team McCain has concluded that the only way to stay competitive is to stay lean and ‘human’ and hope that the candidate’s accessibility and charm earns him free coverage,” said Romano.


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