Links do Dia: 14.08.08

We’re in a new era, never before, with such great ease has an individual been able to create their own personal brand using cheap –and sometimes free– online publishing tools. Google, our new Yellow pages, makes it easy to find, sort, and prioritize individuals based on keywords. Before, most employees (aside from executives) were hidden behind the logo, unable to show their personal faces, have you ever looked at a corporate homepage only to find images of stock photos? As a result, millions are rushing to establish blogs, LinkedIn accounts, and personal websites, to share with the world what they have achieved, and what they hope to achieve.

Soon after Michele Goins became chief information officer at Juniper Networks (JNPR) in February, she decided to respond to the growing chorus of Mac lovers among the networking company’s 6,100 employees. For years, many had used Apple’s (AAPL) computers at home and clamored for them in the office as well. So she launched a test, letting 600 Juniper staffers use Macs instead of the standard-issue PCs that run Microsoft’s (MSFT) Windows operating system. As long as the extra support costs aren’t too high, she plans to open the floodgates. “If we opened it up today, I think 25% of our employees would choose Macs,” she says


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