Links do Dia: 16.06.08

In marketing/advertising we talk about changing behaviour. We speak of trends, present analysis and peer into the near horizon of our own timelines. We blog about the changing of consumer experience, discuss demographics, strategies and new ways of measuring reach, frequency and engagement. And in amongst all this conversation we are building our own edifice to social media — shouting, talking and building, word by word, our own empire. But I wonder, is this all sounding so hollow?

So what is the evil Internet doing to our poor old brains? I hadn’t read Nick Carr’s typically brilliant piece in the Atlantic about Google when I wrote my own column for the London Independent this week. Coincidentally, we both wrote about the impact that the Internet is having on human intelligence. Carr is more pessimistic than I am (itself quite an achievement). While he appreciates the convenience of the digital revolution, he argues that the speed and immediacy of Internet communications comes with a significant intellectual downside


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