Links do Dia: 08.07.08

Think of consumer generated advertising and you might think Doritos,  the NFL or Heinz. But Brazilian author Paulo Coelho has jumped headfirst into this space with a MySpace competition to make a collaborative movie of the book [The Witch of Portobello] for film festival submission.  The rules are straightforward: pick a character and film the segment of the book in which that character is the narrator (there are fifteen).  The best segments get stiched together with a movie that, like the book, is told from multiple perspectives.  The entire movie will be submitted to film festivals.

Google is trying to get better and better at anticipating what we’re looking for whenever we search; that’s what Marissa Mayer has said. They have been making better use of geography, not just sensing our country and language but now asking us to say where we are so it can give us local results. Since last year, it has been using our search history, if we allow, to improve our searches. The universal search tries to freshen up results with news, multimedia, and more, and I sense that the algorithm is giving more weight to currency.

So here’s a question: Is there a future for SEO?


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