Links do Dia: 28.07.08

Once upon a time, newspapers, TV and radio entered our lives. These wonderful inventions spawned yet another one — multichannel advertising. Then along came things like DVRs and everything digital, which spawned yet another invention, the backlash of traditional advertising. For the record, traditional advertising isn’t going away anytime soon, and despite the pronouncement of its death, it will live on — albeit in an evolved format. And it actually still works. I look at billboards on highways. How can you not?

When I first started this social media agency, the question I was asked most often was, “What is social media?”  In just a few months, that question morphed into, “What kinds of things can social media do for my organization specifically?”

Today, we’re onto a new most popular question. This one is often asked by people who work in large organizations, and that’s, “Where does social media live in the organization?”


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