Links do Dia: 05.08.08

You probably already get social media, and see its value, and think it’s really nifty cool. But if you can’t articulate the benefits and the return on the effort, and several other little details to the folks upstairs, it’s going to be hard to get your ideas moved from “wouldn’t this be great?” to “let’s assign a project manager and get started.” First and foremost, you have to jump over the fence from where you’re thinking, and get into their mindset. From there, look back at social media, and create values you believe they can understand. Here are some ideas.

Two weeks ago, an e-mail landed in the inbox of Ben Stiller, the Hollywood actor. With the release of Tropic Thunder, an upcoming action comedy, would he allow his image to be used in a computer game to be distributed on Facebook?

The social networking site is well-known as a way for its 80 million members to keep in touch, but it is only beginning to assume a new guise as a gigantic viral marketing platform. And companies are lining up.


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