Links do Dia: 13.08.08

A few days ago, of fantastic images from Beijing’s opening Olympic ceremony. An embed is code that I can easily paste into my blog post, and it will show media (such as a youtube video).

The community will ’scrape’ content that is valuable to them, often without attribution. Get ahead of their behaviors for your content and package it for them

Within a few hours, a commenter informed me of the actual photography source, the Boston Globe. Essentially, someone grabbed each of the images from and then uploaded them to and tagged them “public domain” with no attribution to the Boston Globe.

Marc van Bree, who blogs at The Dutch Perspective about cultural perspectives and public relations, has penned a new series of posts for orchestras who want to participate in new media. Marc is the public relations coordinator for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

The series, while obviously a good fit for orchestras, also has a a much broader appeal. In the series, he included a post on measurement that I found helpful for anyone interested in how to make all this social media stuff make sense. And conveniently, it fits together with a series of posts I have been intending to put up about what and how to measure social media campaigns.


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