Links do Dia: 26.08.08

I was reading an article for the Silicon Alley Insider by Jason Calacanis and was prompted to ask the    question – are you measuring media by the pound?

Calacanis is talking about press impressions – always measure your press by the pound, he concludes quoting John Brockman. To say that Calacanis infers the behavior he thinks should be adopted by a whole category of companies from his own personal journey is putting it mildly.

Jason Calacanis, who got into blogging early and big, has quit (…) Calacanis said he got tired of all the nasty commenters and opportunistic “link-baiters,” people who post just to promote their own blogs (…) Calacanis blogged to start conversations and be a part of a virtual community, but corporate bloggers are in it for other reasons: talking directly to customers or giving a personal touch to a big business.

“It’s a phenomenal promotion vehicle for a company, or a great crisis tool or a great customer service tool,” said Geoff Livingston, a public relations strategist and social media expert.


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