Links do Dia: 27.08.08

This past week, Chris Brogan wrote a very concise and useful post on how to use Twitter for business.

In it, you will find ideas on creating an account, topics to consider for the medium, a check on Twittetiquette, and an assessment of both the minuses and the pluses of having a Twitter presence.

Whenever I write up ideas for execution, I tend to sell the concept up front by addressing why you should consider this idea.

Not even the most rascally of bloggers or journalists expect or even want the PR industry to die; really they just want better PR.  But while they writhe in pain at the volume of misdirected pitches, few bloggers take action beyond whining.  If anything, the PR and marketing pros themselves seem to be the only ones engaged in the slow-drip of Blogger Relations education.

If you are a successful blogger, part of the reward for your hard work is that you’re gonna get pitched.


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