Links do Dia: 29.08.08

OK, let’s get this straight. For the past couple of years we’ve had a great time talking about the merits of conversation, transparency, authenticity, facilitation, participation, and blah blah blah.  Having talked about “The Conversation Economy” myself—I’m no exception to the “BLAH”.  So, we get it—and now it’s time to get down to business.  From my vantage point there are a few things going on at once, so here’s a few thoughts rolling around in my noggin.

At some point just about every marketer is bound to look at something that Apple is doing and wish they could have done it for their own brands. There are a few other brands that have this universal admiration from marketers. Coca-Cola is the other notable example that comes to mind. Yet there is a temptation I have noticed to simplify the success of Apple to two things: innovative products and great marketing. I would love to believe this as much as any other marketer, but there is a crucial missing third element that most people never talk about which I think is actually the most important reason Apple has been so successful. They do one thing that almost none of their competitors in any market can do … they control distribution.


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