Links do Dia: 01.09.08

As an avid political junky, I’ve been increasingly frustrated with the antics of the mainstream news media.  The TV anchors, in particular, would rather debate the respective campaign’s talking-points and polls and personality clashes than help Americans to understand and digest the issues.  The issues which, by the way, polls keep telling us that voters want to hear more about. (…)

The good news is that the voters are mad as hell and aren’t gonna take it anymore.  And they own Macs, iMovie software and Flipcams. Some of the best political content of the year, so far, has been created without input or sanction by the campaigns.

Barack Obama and John McCain are tracking what you do online. The Presidential candidates are so eager for votes this November that their campaign staffs are turning to behavioral targeting, a sophisticated though controversial strategy to pinpoint voters and volunteers online with advertising tailored to their interests. It’s the first election in which White House hopefuls are using the approach. “The growth will be substantial this year,” says Thomas Gensemer, managing partner at Blue State Digital, a political Web shop working with Obama.


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