Links do Dia: 04.09.08

Convention speeches can sometimes be real snoozers, and this year’s DNC in Denver had a couple of those, but I thought most of the speeches were good, and some were excellent, including those by Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and Michelle Obama. But the one everyone is talking about is the acceptance speech by Barack Obama Thursday night in a packed outdoor stadium. Many are calling Obama’s speech — including many conservatives — one of the greatest political speeches in recent memory. (…) But I think the independent David Gergen (who has served with the Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and Clinton administrations) put it best when he described Obama’s speech on CNN this way:  “As a speech, I was deeply impressed. In many ways it was less a speech than a symphony.”

People are fickle, but we’re generally rational. When someone makes a choice (hiring, firing, choosing a vendor, buying a soda) they’re using some sort of internal logic and reasoning to support that choice.

As a marketer, you win when they choose you.


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