Links do Dia: 08.09.08

While it’s true we’re at the front end of the social media bell curve and most agencies – social media, advertising, public relations or otherwise – have yet to acquire the requisite skill to effectively use the medium to connect and engage audiences on behalf of their clients, many are beginning to produce interesting efforts.

What good firms are doing now, all firms will be accomplishing five or 10 years from now. Now, we are learning, defining and experiencing. Tomorrow, the innovators and visionary social media minds will be pushing the limits of the media, lighting paths never before seen and, hopefully, making the consumer, and human, experience better.

Most of us are pretty good spotting shady SEO outfits. At the least, if someone practices enough SEO and reads enough good resources, they’re aware that a company promising to have a site atop one-hundred major search engines in forty-eight hours is lying. That sort of shtick is the most obvious giveaway of a crook, but have you ever noticed how much meaningless advice passes for expert content?

I am talking about what you read on a daily basis when you do your rounds on the Internet and when you hear dubiously meaningless things said at conferences. For example, what the hell does create good content mean?


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