Links do Dia: 10.09.08

A blogger has just said something bad about your company and it’s getting picked up and repeated by others rapidly online … what do you do? One of the toughest things to understand about responding to a negative situation on blogs is the speed with which the conversations happen. Speed matters because in a matter of minutes, content can go viral and not responding early means that your voice is missing in the crucial early conversations and therefore not represented as anyone carries the conversation forward. Aside from that, if you do not respond quickly, you give others a chance to respond for you – and perhaps not favourably. So how do you deal with a negative blog situation if one did arise, and do it quickly?

Google has taken another step towards its stated goal of indexing the world’s information by scanning newspaper archives and making them searchable on the internet.


One thought on “Links do Dia: 10.09.08

  1. Pedro


    Saudações brasileiras!
    Gostaria de parabeniza-lo pelos excelentes textos, informações sempre úteis e de real cunho mercadológico.
    Trabalho com branding e seus posts relacionados a antropologia do consumo são verdadeiras aulas.


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